Meet the Artists

“An exhibition of forward-thinking, intersectional voices, pushing the boundaries of artistry through the lens of the African American Experience.”

Quiana Quarles

Today many Indianapolis creatives find new ways to connect with their communities. Quiana Quarles calls herself an “artivist” — she creates multimedia art that reflects issues of importance to the people around her. She’s also creator of Black Vegan Fest Indy, which works to improve health and food inequality in African American neighborhoods.


Stewart Wayne Billings

“Art school ruined my life, “ Stewart Wayne claims. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 for Writing and Producing Television, it’s been hard for Stewart to keep a job. Either he quit or got fired from every job after college. They were either too easy or boring. Stewart wanted something that was new everyday and where he could use his creativity.

Scotty Broughton Sr.

“I’m from Huger, SC (Charleston area) and I’m 35 old. I’m the youngest of 6 kids, alum of Oklahoma State university. I’m currently an art teacher at Urban Act Academy. I got into art maybe age 5-6 and never stopped. I was drawing on my parent walls but instead of getting mad she starting buying me art supplies. I start painting fully in 2013-14 (I never liked to paint earlier in my life). I love painting and creating. My love for art, sneakers, and fashion is unmatched. That’s why I have a clothing line called Artyrd Supply, where I sell clothing and art.”


Lenni Haley

Lenni is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised on the Eastside of Indianapolis. From photography, set design, installation art and styling; they just create whatever they feel like. Their work manifests as an embracing of the human experience. They capture the physical connection to our world; themes of beauty, afrofuturism, and nature are often seen in their work.

Jamichael Kyng Pollard

Jamichael Pollard is a young visual artist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Specializing in portrait, animated, and combining pictures together, he was able to start his business, KyngPen Art.


Deonna Craig

Deonna Craig is an Indianapolis based visual artist and the owner of Art by Deonna. She graduated from DePauw University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Sociology. Her artwork has been featured in various museums and galleries such as the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis Art Center, and Indianapolis Children’s Museum.


Mechi Shakur

A 90s baby, Mechi Shakur is a Indianapolis raised and based artist. His influences include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Caravaggio , Bosch and Gregg Kreutz.

Boxx the Artist

Boxx the artist synthesizes interactive art through paintings, digital art, and installations. She is an Indianapolis based full-time visual artist practicing for approximately 5 years professionally, from Gary, Indiana.

Sarah Jené

Sarah Jené is a Mississippi made, Indy raised artist and content creator. Her desire is to use her various art-forms as a vehicle to spread joy to her community and highlight Black Culture.

Sylvia Ess Mckee

Ess McKee is a multimedia visual artist native to Arizona, based in Indianapolis, IN. Ess has been involved in the Indy arts scene as a muralist, designer, studio manager, organizer, instructor and curator for nearly a decade. Inspired by an appreciation for graffiti art and hip hop culture, her artistic expression manifests in the form of abstract paintings, character illustrations, digital design, and the combination of all three within murals. She is a current member of The Eighteen, an art collective of 18 artists that created the Black Lives Matter Mural in Indianapolis, IN. Ess is also a resident artist at The Harrison Center for the Arts.

Precious Young

Owner of Rated Art Tattoo Studio. I started my tattoo career in 2011 at the age of 19. Growing up, graphite drawing was my initial medium. I completed my first acrylic canvas in 2018, loved the outcome. Since then, I’ve prioritized acrylic painting as one of my main mediums.

Rae Parker

Rae Parker has always created artwork to speak with integrity, awareness and power. There isn’t a collection of work that remains the same. Each piece has it’s own meaning and purpose. It is to create with a dare to have multiple dimensions to make the audience change their perspective in some way or another. Graduating from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Rae earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. Using digital and traditional applications to create, Rae still seeks to learn more to develop as their career continues.