Meet the Artists

“An exhibition of forward-thinking, intersectional voices, pushing the boundaries of artistry through the lens of the African American Experience.”

Since 2012, Rae Parker has always created artwork to speak with integrity, awareness and power. There isn’t a collection of work that remains the same. Each piece has it’s own meaning and purpose. It is to create with a dare to have multiple dimensions to make the audience change their perspective in some way or another.
Rae earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and is a Art educator, curator, & inspiration to the youth. Rae has worked with organizations from Asante Art Institute, Garfield Park, Murphy Arts Building, Pattern Magazine to the Stutz Building. Their work can be seen all around Indianapolis with Meet The Artists, Flava Fresh, and other art exhibits. Their work has also been shown in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Rae’s artwork has been based on two factors: Awareness and Empowerment. The awareness is shown through pieces that represent women of color, masculine women, social, political injustice, and community based.
Rae’s work has been featured in a exhibit for Herron and Parsons School of Design. Artists such as Kara Walker, Sonya Clark and Mary Sibande were among that list. Having 2 pieces in Newfields as well has been a huge dream achievement for Rae. Making history as the first Queer Black woman to have more than one piece in that establishment. “Never give up on following your dreams and always stay true to yourself.”
Rozell Jordan has been many things: a U.S. Navy veteran, a husband, a father to five kids, and always an artist at heart. For almost 30 years, he had to put his art aside for other important things, like serving in the Navy and raising a family. But now, he’s back to being an artist, and it feels great. His experiences have made his art even more meaningful. He hopes his story shows that it’s never too late to get back to what you love.
He lives in Indianapolis, a city he’s deeply connected to. Here, he has a dream that’s slowly turning into a plan – to start his own art gallery, called Gallery 317. This gallery will be a place for local artists to showcase their work and for the community to come together and celebrate art. It’s not just about displaying art; it’s about creating a space where art lives and breathes, right here in the heart of Indianapolis.
Kierra Ready is the artist behind Free Mind Creations, and a Live Event Artist in Indianapolis, Indiana which means she gets to travel to venues all over the world and create art for different audiences.
Her favorite part of what she does is connecting humans as a piece of artwork is created before their eyes. She’s painted weddings, galas, festivals, fundraisers, and private gatherings and I has gotten to work for some pretty amazing clients.
Her hope is to bring unity and awareness through her artwork and inspire all who see it.

Jamichael Pollard is a young visual artist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Specializing in portrait, animation, and combining pictures together, he was able to start his business, KyngPen Art. Originating with graphite drawings, he furthered his skills with colored pencils to acrylic paints and is now focusing on oil paints. KyngPen Arts also consist of face and body painting, and also of him being a tattoo artist.

Largely underrepresented in museums and galleries, Dr. Jarrod Nicholas Dortch also known as “SnuggyBear” is part of a movement of Black artists and curators who are hosting exhibits and creating work that shines a light on Black culture. With roots in art, community, and education, Dortch is leveraging these disciplines to help promote communal growth as a member of both the Artist and Public Life Residency (APLR) program and of “The 18 Art Collective”.

Born in San Bernardino, CA in 1982 and raised & based in Indianapolis, Precious Young is an artist who has mastered several mediums; including painting, sculpting, graphite drawings, airbrushed canvases & tattooing. They’ve been operating for 14+ years as a tattoo artist & spent the last five years as owner & operator of Rated Art Studio. Their eye for detail and artistry is unique as it is dynamic and we are blessed to have them join us for this year’s event.

Michael Bullock aka Redink Special, was born 1990 and raised in Indianapolis,IN. He’s been involved with art his entire life from pencils to acrylics, rugs to epoxy tables, and airbrushing to tattoos. He’s currently a tattoo artist at Unks Tattoo Parlor and has been tattooing for 13+ years. Mr. Bullock will be bringing his “Redink Special” brand of artwork to this year’s festivities and we’re lucky to bring him into the fold!

A 90s baby, Mechi Shakur is an Indianapolis raised and based He has displayed art at the Indiana State Museum and made countless murals around the city of Indiana. Painting for five years now and Self taught, Shakur believes your art is a reflection of you and loves to blur the lines of reality and the imagination through an assortment of color all while diving into social and issues touching many subjects all at once.

Brandin J. Hurt was born in 1988 and raised in Indianapolis, IN. A graduate of IUPUI Herron School of Art, he majored in printmaking and minored in Painting. His particular artistry spans just about every medium from painting, ceramics, sculpture, and airbrush but his specialty is depictions in graphite! According to Hurt, “There’s something about drawing a really good portrait for someone that gives the most satisfaction after seeing their reaction.” Hurt has also been a freelance tattoo artist for the last for 13+ years.

Juan is an emerging Indiana-based artist that has enjoyed making art since the first grade, and has been in pursuit of mastering his craft for the past several years. Originally, he strictly drew with just graphite, but one day decided to try painting and gain experience practicing the color theory. He has had an interest in working with other mediums such as oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor. Juan’s ultimate goal is to have his artwork displayed throughout the US, and eventually internationally as well.

Rob Sloan is a mix medium artist that specializes in portraiture and calligraphy with my paintings and tattoos as well. The style of painting he does allows him to have a deeper meaning under the main picture on the top, or to have a powerful message. He created this style out of all of the types of art he appreciates the most. Everything he creates, if you stare at it long enough, you will see new images or words that you wouldn’t have seen a first glance. He uses spray paint, airbrush, acrylic, paint, brushes, finger blending and sometimes makers to give the canvas a unique effect. Not only does he pain, he also does murals and tattoos, surrounding himself with art.