Simply put, without our generous sponsors, the Melanin in May Festival would not be affordable to the vast majority of the Indianapolis community. As a result of their generosity, we’re able to provide a free experience for attendees to experience live performances, a venue for Black-owned businesses and patrons to network with others, and contribute to the landscape of Black joy and entrepreneurship in Indy. By donating to Melanin in May, each has furthered our mission to provide opportunities to celebrate Blackness in Bloom, and serve as a launchpad for these small businesses.

Vibranium Sponsorship


PMPHASE is a consulting firm that believes “all jobs are projects”.  The organization’s purpose is to assess, address and resolve issues that may be complicating or compromising daily business operations. Our goal is to promote platinum level service with integrity, quality and commitment.

The company has engaged with several top level organizations in the healthcare industry as well as one of the leading firms in the legal industry. We value our clients and their dedication to education, training and development, and process improvements for their staff and organization overall.

PMPHASE focuses on project management, education, training and development, business analytics, revenue cycle management, and process improvement. With over twenty five years of experience in the company, we offer the expertise needed to successfully complete all projects we are involved in.

Black Onyx Management

Black Onyx Management, a benefit corporation, is a Black owned applied research firm and management consultancy with clients across the country. We believe the journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion is an intentional decision informed by empathy, a commitment to learning, and a desire to change. We advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by developing programs, implementing strategies, analysis and assessments, and training that are both action-oriented and produce results. Our advisors leverage their senior leadership experience in government, businesses including Fortune 500 companies, national think tanks, and major non-profit and civic initiatives to support clients on their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. ”

magnolia angels home care

“At Magnolia Angels, we firmly believe that receiving in-home care services is best suited within the comforts of home. As a prominent figure in the senior community, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care, emphasizing clinical excellence and patient-centered outcomes. Our goal is to empower clients to maintain maximum independence within the familiar environment of their homes or residences.

Magnolia Angels is dedicated to offering dependable, compassionate, and affordable care. We aim to lead, advocate, and educate within the in-home care sector, promoting ethical practices and healthcare education. Our mission includes being a unified voice addressing industry concerns. Ultimately, we strive to be the top-choice provider of home care services in every community we support.”

Platinum Sponsorship


IBE celebrates cultural diversity and inclusiveness across all races, ethnicities, nationalities, generations, socioeconomic levels and religious affiliations. We continue to strive for excellence by providing unique events and programs that reflect the changing landscape of Indiana and the world. Our commitment to excellence through personal enhancement and community development exemplify our dedication to improving the quality of life for all. With a statewide infrastructure now including 12 chapter affiliates, IBE continues to be a major economic and social contributor to our youth and the Indiana community.

24K Sponsorship

Republic Security, LLC

Republic Security provides a collaborative and efficient approach to security and personal protection services that helps our clients reduce costs, manage risk, while maintaining a safe working environment.

Fathers and Families Center

Fathers and Families Center equips fathers and empowers families so that children thrive. During our 30-year history, we have helped approximately 23,000 fathers become better people, parents, partners, and providers. All of our services are free; in fact, we give men a stipend to attend. We also give them the resources, guidance, and support they need to be great parents. Our unique emphasis on empowering fathers has helped us create a caring support system focused on exactly what they need: life-skill development, job-readiness training, education, counseling, and help finding gainful employment.

[D]RUGS Art Gallery

“[D]RUGS Art Gallery specializes in custom rug art. We create one of one art pieces and we can turn your personal design into a rug that can be laid on the floor or displayed on a wall. You can find us online @drugs_art_gallery on Instagram.

National Black MBA Association

The National Black MBA Association Indianapolis chapter is to lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and professional growth opportunities for Black students, Back entrepreneurs and Black professionals in the Greater Indianapolis area.

Silver Sponsorship

Bronze Sponsorship