2024 Black Onyx Management Soundstage performers



You may know him by his previous works which include: “Eggs & Biscuits”, “Bag Season 1 & 2”, “MaxieDidIt”, “Rubberband Lingo 1 – 4”, “Team Rocket” and his latest offering “Maxie From Naptown”. You may also know him as the face of Nap Or Nothing and cultural icon constantly waiving the banner for our fair city. Ladies and gentleman, performing on the Black Onyx Management SoundStage, Maxie (Yung Tone)!
Since releasing his first project in 2008, Maxie has been making ripples throughout the Midwest for over a decade. Now on his 15th installment, “Maxie” plans to take his talents worldwide. This “Keeper Of Culture” is building something special in his hometown! #NapOrNothing

PsyWrn Simone (pronounced Sī-ren Si-mōn) is a performing artist, teaching artist, and arts advocate. Guided by Nina Simone’s words, “An artist’s duty…is to reflect the times,” PsyWrn marries music and activism while merging elements of song, lyricism, and spoken word. Her performances are a powerfully immersive experience—“wrecking the status quo with a beat, some lyrics, and a seductive melody.”

Kiella Squires is a 28-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician based in the city of Indianapolis. Her approach to music reflects her love for Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B and Funk. Some of her musical accomplishments include touring with Grammy-nominated singer Anthony Hamilton and Charlie Wilson for the “In It To Win It Tour.” She’s been featured on several projects and hopes to release a project of her own!

At the age of four years old, Tony Bryant began playing drums in church. His level of skills grew as the years progressed, and he began to play for various artists throughout the city. He branched out of the gospel field to start playing R&B and jazz, playing for various artist and opening for different acts. He was influenced by the great Buddy Rich, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Carter Buford and the late John Blackwell. His R&B influence came from Robert Glasper, Will Downing, Prince, Michael Jackson with a splash of Boney James and George Duke. In late December 2013, Tony Bryant put together his own band called The Tony Bryant Project playing in small bars and venues. In 2017, Tony took his vision to a higher level and put together a collaboration of the most talented musicians within Indiana. They began to take the city by storm with their urban R&B and soul playing all various types of venues and opening for major acts that came through the city. Since the pandemic, TBP has transitioned from performing in backyards and outside venues to festivals all while remaining safe and providing soulful music to the souls of the people of Indianapolis.

Dead Silence, a unique hip-hop phenom from Indianapolis, Indiana, has successfully tapped into the Sync-Licensing Industry. He has music placements with ABC News, NBA on TNT Tuesday, HBO, Hulu, MTV and Disney. Reality tv shows like; Jersey Shore and Black Ink Crew, have played several of his records as well. From being an opening act for “Zapp & Roger” at the age of 15 and meeting Cardi B, Trina, and Lecrae years later; Dead Silence has evolved from a former battle-rapper to a dynamic hip-hop artist. He has also received local and national radio play for his records “Paranoia” and “Cruise Control Part 2”. Dead Silence has a unique, smooth, and original style to his music. His journey as a hip-hop artist continues.

Shae Sparks is a musical artist who creates, performs and releases music that is primarily hip-hop, however occasionally merges with other genres such as pop, rock, and R&B. Shae insists on creating music that serves a purpose and prides herself on taking no shortcuts when it comes to spreading a message. Born in Indianapolis, IN, Shae’s passion for music was cultivated at a young age by her dad, as he too was musically inclined. Shae’s musical journey was fashioned in the church choir, which provided the foundation of what was to come. After her talent was acknowledged and praised by the church’s choir director, Shae did not take her gift lightly. Shae took ownership of a go-getter attitude and found ways to showcase her talents with local and traveling performances. All while trying to make her mark in public, Shae utilized platforms like YouTube to grow an online presence, amassing nearly eighty thousand views showcasing her talents of dancing, singing and rapping.