Precious Jewel

Everything is getting kicked up a notch this year for Melanin in May Festival 2023. Thanks to a fortuitous scrolling on Facebook, we’re blessed to have added Precious Jewel as our featured artist who will be sculpting live during the event!
Precious Jewel is a visual artist born and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her first introduction to art was through hyperrealistic faux food soap making. She eventually discovered her signature style of soap sculpting. Precious’ work is heavily influenced by black music culture and black joy as a whole. She strives to showcase black people in the light that they deserve.

Dr. Jarrod Nicholas Dortch

Largely underrepresented in museums and galleries, Dr. Jarrod Nicholas Dortch also known as “SnuggyBear” is part of a movement of Black artists and curators who are hosting exhibits and creating work that shines a light on Black culture. With roots in art, community, and education, Dortch is leveraging these disciplines to help promote communal growth as a member of both the Artist and Public Life Residency (APLR) program and of The 18 Art Collective.

kierra ready

Kierra Ready is the artist behind Free Mind Creations, and a Live Event Artist in Indianapolis, Indiana which means she gets to travel to venues all over the world and create art for different audiences.
Her favorite part of what she does is connecting humans as a piece of artwork is created before their eyes. She’s painted weddings, galas, festivals, fundraisers, and private gatherings and I has gotten to work for some pretty amazing clients.
Her hope is to bring unity and awareness through her artwork and inspire all who see it.

andre Parnell

Through collaboration with a diverse range of people an industry, Andre is leading at creative execution of designs and crafting visual reflections with a holistic and strategical graphic design approach. His work aims to elevate visual forms into the real world. His multi-disciplinary work of design always shows methods of forming and improving connections between people, ideas, dreams and reality.