The Food Truck Battle Royale is a juried competition which crowns the best Black Owned Food Trucks in Indianapolis. One champion will be awarded, and the winner will be determined on the day of the competition.

The Judge’s Choice competition will take place at 12:00 PM. A sample sized portion of the dish being entered will need to be ready by 11:30 AM for each judge to evaluate. Combatants will be scored out of ten across three categories: Execution, Appearance and Taste.



Meet Our Judges

Meet Our competitors

5 Star BBQ

Are you a barbecue lover? Do you need barbecued meals for your event? 5 Star BBQ Indy is one of the Midwest’s best options for smoked and grilled meats, alongside a delicious array of homemade sides. We are here to bring to your special event delicious and creative barbecue dishes that the whole family will love. We provide various options for what would undoubtedly be one of the best-tasting barbecues ever. We are based in Indianapolis. Call us at (317) 4194 001 to schedule a taste right away!

Chef TLC (Reigning Champion)

Give it up for the 2022 Black Owned Food Truck Battle Royale Heavyweight Champion, Cheftlc!! Soul food and comfort classics are on the menu when Tonya L. Coleman — or Chef TLC — is cooking. Her big purple bus is always a sight for sore eyes whenever it rolls through Indianapolis, IN, and anybody who’s tried her food will attest that it’s beyond worth the wait. It’s nothing but tasty, feel-good eats at Chef TLC, so whether you’re going with a burger, a cheesesteak, a pork tenderloin sandwich, chicken tenders, tacos, nachos, peach cobbler, or any of her other delectable eats, you’ve got great things waiting for you on the other end of your order. And the best part? She caters. Book Chef TLC to handle things at your next event. MUST TRY Sandwich Combo — Any sandwich served with a side and 24oz Faygo

rMY’s Soul/Comfort Food 

Coming out of Fort Wayne, IN; we specialize in Soul Food, Comfort Food, and Southern Cuisine. We are a casual dining or carryout. Whether it’s Fried Chicken, Candied Yams, Collard Greens, Macaroni and Cheese, and Peach Cobbler or Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread, we’ve got you covered. 

J & J a Taste of Home Catering

The folks at J&J A Taste Of Home started off catering events throughout the Indianapolis, IN community, offering up a menu chock-full of down-home fare and street food classics. It didn’t take long for the community to fall in love with the menu. Before long, J&J A Taste Of Home decided to go the food truck route. Now, you can catch ‘em poppin’ up at events or rollin’ through the streets. So, what’s on the menu? Some items truly are a taste of home, old-fashioned eats packed with decadent ingredients that up the ante in terms of flavor. What’s better than peach cobbler? Peach cobbler seasoned with a dose of Hennessy. There are plenty of street food faves as well, also enhanced with an extra sprinkling of bold ingredients. Street tacos are just plain better when they’re made with meats simmered in jerk spices, for example. Really though, this broad menu is pretty hard to summarize. So, you’ll have to hit up J&J A Taste Of Home yourself to experience it all. If you love it, ask ‘em to cater your own event. You won’t regret it. MUST TRY Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll – That unmatched medley of steak, cheese, and green pepper served up in a crispy egg roll.

Good Vegan/Bad Vegan

Good Vegan Bad Vegan is 100% Vegan Kitchen where Vegans and those who just want a good vegan experience can come indulge guilt free without the worry of dairy or animal by-products. Their menu includes a variety of vegan options that includes chk’n and waffles, gizzards (oyster mushrooms), burgers, gyros and more! All vegan, delicious and alkaline seasoned to perfection. Whether you choose Raw, Alkaline, or just Vegan it doesn’t matter because here Everything is All Good!!!

Chooo Chicken, Fish, Vegan & More

Chooo was our son Markus’s signature saying before his life was taken in 2015.  We are fulfilling his dream by creating Chooo Chicken Fish Vegan and More “Thechooofoodtruck”. To pass Markus’s legacy of love, music, and food on to his son, the community, and future generations. We are a family-owned Christian based business promoted to stopping the violence and picking up a bible.

Black Leaf Vegan

We are a Family-owned and operated business who desires health for all communities in order live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives by providing life-sustaining, plant-based products that heal the mind, body and soul.

LaFamilia Food Truck

2 cultures colliding in 1 environment, pouring family love in every meal! Black & Mexican owned! We cater for: Birthday parties Graduation parties Family reunions Reception parties Business & Corporate events Holiday Festivities School events Church events and more… Send us a message for more info!
#BlackOwned #WomenOwned #MinorityOwned #LatinOwned,

The Grub House

The Grub House is a unique eatery. We strive to give excellent customer service.

House of SoulRollz


Off the Hook Fish & More

Off the hook fish and more specializes in fish/shrimp and chips! WE ARE STRICTLY A MOBILE FOOD TRUCK