Simply put, without our generous sponsors, the Melanin in May Festival would not be affordable to the vast majority of the Indianapolis community. As a result of their generosity, we’re able to provide a free experience for attendees to experience live performances, a venue for Black-owned businesses and patrons to network with others, and contribute to the landscape of Black joy and entrepreneurship in Indy. By donating to Melanin in May, each has furthered our mission to provide opportunities to celebrate Blackness in Bloom, and serve as a launchpad for these small businesses.

Vibranium Sponsorship

Black Onyx Management, a benefit corporation, is a Black owned applied research firm and management consultancy with clients across the country. We believe the journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion is an intentional decision informed by empathy, a commitment to learning, and a desire to change. We advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by developing programs, implementing strategies, analysis and assessments, and training that are both action-oriented and produce results. Our advisors leverage their senior leadership experience in government, businesses including Fortune 500 companies, national think tanks, and major non-profit and civic initiatives to support clients on their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. ”

PMPHASE is a consulting firm that believes “all jobs are projects”.  The organization’s purpose is to assess, address and resolve issues that may be complicating or compromising daily business operations. Our goal is to promote platinum level service with integrity, quality and commitment.

The company has engaged with several top level organizations in the healthcare industry as well as one of the leading firms in the legal industry. We value our clients and their dedication to education, training and development, and process improvements for their staff and organization overall.

PMPHASE focuses on project management, education, training and development, business analytics, revenue cycle management, and process improvement. With over twenty five years of experience in the company, we offer the expertise needed to successfully complete all projects we are involved in.

24K Sponsorship

Republic Security, LLC

Republic Security provides a collaborative and efficient approach to security and personal protection services that helps our clients reduce costs, manage risk, while maintaining a safe working environment.

Exponentia Prime

Exponentia Prime is a book series about a girl named Prime who is a math genius. She and her friend Factor are tasked with using problem solving to save math worlds in the Exponentia Universe. The book serves as an introduction and inspiration into math and problem solving for Black children across the world. The book also serves as an opportunity for Black children to be introduced to the Exponentia Prime Math Experience, which is our form of math competition.

Silver Sponsorship

DOPE Lemonades

Dope Lemonades is not your average lemonade stand.  Offering ‘Fresh Ingredients and Dope Flavors’ – we specialize in gourmet lemonades, iced teas, frozen beverages, and sugarless drink options at festivals, private parties, and public indoor and outdoor events. You may have had lemonade before; but you’ve NEVER tasted anything like this. We present a fun and delicious alternative to soda – with flavors that appeal to the people we serve. From fruity and fun, to exotic cultural drink varieties, seasonal treats, and customized options. We serve our cold drinks in clear cups or glass mason jars with fresh fruit. Our visual aesthetic is just as important as our taste – and with some of the dopest flavors around – you’re bound to find something you like! 

Victor the App

The Victor App, named after Victor Hugo Green (founder and publisher of the infamous guide “The Negro Motorist Green Book” and later as “The Negro Travelers’ Green Book” from 1936 to 1966) brings the ease and convenience of a business directory of Black Owned businesses to your smart phone or tablet device.
Simply download the app from your preferred App store (i.e. App Store, Google Play, etc.), Create your business profile, enter your information and start promoting your business online with The Green Book for the next generation!
Show the world your product is a winner with Victor! Download the app today!

RecZone Indy

At RecZone Indy, their mission is to improve the overall quality of life for the individual and their communities through recreation, wellness, and personal and professional development. offer various programs such as yoga, martial arts, professional development, business coaching, space rental and event services, and much more.

circle City Icon

Circle City ICON Indy’s premier 360 video experience provider. It’s the perfect addition to any corporate event, school function, wedding, private party, or interactive brand activation looking to separate themselves from the rest. Let us make your next event ICONIC!

DJ MaryJane

DJ MaryJane has provided musical entertainment at special events for Grammy Award Winner and Vocalist Brandy, along with Actress Lisa Raye and Rapper, Trina! DJ MaryJane is well-known in Indianapolis, Detroit and surrounding cities. DJ MaryJane won the 2020 Midwest Leak Awards for Indy’s Favorite Breakout DJ! Book DJ MaryJane, you will NOT be disappointed!

Robert goodman Jewelers

The Goodman’s (Bob and Rose-Marie) opened their store in 2000 to foster an inviting environment and establish a place to share creative, original jewelry collections. Since then, they’ve developed real relationships with over 25 designers and hundreds of customers as they remain committed to our responsible practices.

Bronze Sponsorship