Stewart Wayne Billings

“Art school ruined my life, “ Stewart Wayne claims. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 for Writing and Producing Television, it’s been hard for Stewart to keep a job. Either he quit or got fired from every job after college. They were either too easy or boring. Stewart wanted something that was new everyday and where he could use his creativity. He started tattooing which he loved but at first it was hard to get clients to support a living. Going through depression his mother advised him to find something that didn’t require anybody else and focus on it. He picked up his first canvas and started painting. At the time a fellow tattoo artist told him he would never be good if he couldn’t draw portraits. Out of spite Stewart started sketching portraits then painting portraits. Stewart has been in numerous art shows and exhibits and his portrait paintings have been sold in city and states he never stepped foot in. Stewart also paints murals which landed him a feature on the news. Stewart is daring and also paints erotic art and been in 3 erotic art shows. Stewart’s main mission is to create beauty and spread it across the world. It’s his legacy he wants to leave behind when he dies.